dad and child cleaning kitchen

Spring Cleaning After Divorce

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, the sun is staying out longer, and it’s time to break out the cleaning supplies. The transition from winter to the warmer months is a time for renewal and starting on a clean slate.

If you’ve been going through a divorce recently, we recommend using the change in seasons as an opportunity to clean out attachments from your previous relationship. As you clear out the clutter holding you back, you will begin to heal and move forward with life after divorce.

Clear out the baggage

After coming to an agreement and signing the divorce certificate, you may feel a sense of relief as you are officially done with the divorce process, but it’s not all over yet. There may still be memorabilia, gifts, and other souvenirs from your ex that act as a constant reminder of what’s over. If these elicit negative feelings, we recommend letting them go by donating the items to someone in need.

Tidy up your finances

Your post-divorce financial situation may look vastly different from when you were married. To set yourself up for success, consider these things:

  • Check into your credit score.

  • Get bank and credit card accounts in your name.

  • Update your tax paperwork.

  • Create a financial plan.

  • Consult a financial professional to help you make wise monetary decisions.

Dust off your social media

Is your Facebook status checked off as married? Is your Instagram filled with pictures of romantic getaways? Always having to update people of your newly-single situation can get tiring and bring up unwanted emotions. If you are in the right emotional state, deleting posts from your past can help give you closure and show your friends where you are in life without having to broach the subject.

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